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It is common to have doubts about what to pack and what to wear on a trip to the Amazon. With that in mind, we have prepared some important information that can help.

The climate in the region where Anavilhanas is located is hot throughout the year, with an average temperature around 25º C. During rains and storms, humidity and wind can generate some discomfort, something easily resolved with the use of a raincoat or a windbreaker jacket. We are at the base of the great Amazon basin, giving the rivers, streams and lakes gigantic dimensions, always inviting for a swim.

Despite being in the heart of the Amazon Forest, consider that your trip will be punctuated by several moments by the pool, with a very pleasant warm tropical climate.

Due to the heat and high humidity, we suggest that guests bring enough light clothing to wear throughout their stay. Anavilhanas offers laundry service to its guests at a charge, if the service is requested.

What you can't forget to pack:


Insect repellent (for jungle hike only, but if you forget we have to offer)

Personal hygiene items and continuous/ frequent use medications

At least 1 pair of sneakers or closed shoes to go on the jungle hikes

At least 1 comfortable pants for the jungle hikes

Raincoat or Windbreaker Jacket

Swimwear for use in the pool or river


Light t-shirts

Comfortable sandal/slipper

Hat or Cap

Binoculars and Camera


The Ministry of Health recommends that all travelers to the Amazon take the vaccine against Yellow Fever, at least 10 days before boarding. If you have already had the vaccine once, it is not necessary to have the vaccine again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation?

To confirm a booking, please email or call us on 92 - 3622-8996

Is it compulsory to take any vaccinations before travelling?

The Ministry of Health recommends that passengers to Manaus take the yellow fever vaccine at least 10 days before departure.

Does the Hotel have Internet?

The hotel has free internet in the social areas. As we are literally in the middle of the forest, the signal can fluctuate a lot.

What is the best time to visit the Amazon?

To get to know the Amazon, all seasons are very special. The climate is very hot and humid all year round. From June to November it is a little less rainy and there are white sand beaches all over the archipelago. From December to May, it rains a little more and we can navigate through the igapós - flooded forest, an incredible scenery to visit.

Is it possible to have a photo shoot in the Hotel?

The Hotel is very concerned about the well being of all guests, therefore we discourage photo essays.

How many days of accommodation do you suggest?

We suggest at least 3 nights under our care. If you have more time, the ideal would be 5 nights at Anavilhanas Lodge. This way you will be able to see all our tours and experience the Amazon intensely.

Do you offer a honeymoon package?

For honeymooners we offer a special treat!

Is the hotel suitable for children?

Anavilhanas is recommended for children over 5 years old or those who can swim and are willing to go on walks. The Rio Negro is a delight for a swim before lunch or in the late afternoon. Furthermore, our trails are more fun if everyone agrees to explore them.

Does the transfer pass by the meeting of the waters?

The hotel is on the opposite side of the meeting of the waters and so we did not pass through there.

How much does the seaplane transfer cost?

The seaplane is a service offered by a company called Rico Transportes Aéreos. Their contact is (92) 3652-1164/ 99146-4570. If you prefer, we can schedule it here.

Is the transfer private?

Our trip is made in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van for up to 8 passengers and takes 2h30 non-stop. If you would like a private transfer, please check our rates and availability with

Do you offer overnight or day use?

Anavilhanas does not offer overnight or day use. We have packages starting at 2 nights.

Does the Hotel offer adjoined rooms for families?

The Cottages can be side by side but are not adjoined rooms. The Bungalows and the Panoramics are separate buildings and in general are a bit more distant from the social areas than the Cottages. If you have 2 small children, we recommend the Panoramic room with 2 extra beds for the kids or 2 Cottages side by side where we can place 3 guests in each room. Cottages and Bungalows can accommodate only 1 additional bed per room.

Can I change the tours in my package?

According to the number of days in the Lodge, a programme with the essentials of the Amazon is designed. Each programme is designed to allow you to experience the Rio Negro, the Igapós, the terra firme and to get to know a little of the local culture. Should you wish to exchange any of the tours that are included in our programming, we can check availability and rates, but we really put together the best itinerary for your trip. Believe us! We have many years of experience focused on providing memorable moments.

Are the tours private?

Our tours are made in boats and motorized canoes for up to 10 passengers. If you wish private tours, please check our rates and availability with

Are the tours suitable for the elderly?

Our tours are suitable for people of all ages who have no walking difficulties. We have thought of different levels of effort, appropriate for each group. We have not yet managed to provide wheelchair access, but we are working on it.

Can I visit the indigenous tribe?

The real indigenous tribes are at least 8 hours from the Lodge, in a restricted reserve area. If you wish to visit an indigenous cultural centre with ritual performances, we recommend that you stay one night at the Hotel Villa Amazônia in Manaus, and they can organise a guide to take you there.

Are the tours included in the package?

Each package includes 2 walks per day. The tours are designed so that you get to know the essentials of the forest from the smallest package. Get to know our tours.