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commitment to nature



We recognize education as a tool for social transformation, which is the main pillar of our actions. The projects are developed with local populations, leveraging ideas that help implement improvements in the quality of life and infrastructure of communities in the municipality of Novo Airão – Amazonas. The conception of each project is established based on constant dialogue with the community and its active participation.

Santo Antonio’s and Tiririca’s Community partnership

The Hotel carries out the Project of cultural appreciation and support to the D.Pedro II school located in the riverside community of Santo Antônio, through actions such as:

  • Hiring a pedagogy professional for permanent monitoring and improvement of the school program.
  • Weekly contribution of fresh fruits and vegetables for children's meals.
  • Installation of solar energy and adaptation of the school structure, improving ventilation, lighting and providing comfort and well-being without negative environmental impact.
  • Implementation of an ecological cesspool system at the school.
  • Improvement of living conditions for public teachers who teach at the school.
  • Creation of a library, giving access to the entire community to the largest collection of books in the municipality.
  • Community leaders' engagement with the project, making their definitions of priorities more efficient for the use of the resources they receive.
  • English and computer classes for students and communities from three different communities.

Aracari’s Community partnership

  • New School – It is the first school with principles of permaculture and ecological solutions for high temperature, lack of electricity and basic sanitation in the rural area of the municipality of Novo Airão. Built by the community, using local raw materials and sustainable management, the architectural project was developed according to the phases of education and the learning moments of students in rural Amazonas and planned to unite interior and exterior.
  • Community Bathroom – The project came about through the demand for a community bathroom that would also serve the school. Considering the lack of basic sanitation, the cesspool was built following the evapotranspiration model.

Almerinda Malaquias Foundation (FAM)

  •  The hotel financially supports the environmental education project in conjunction with this institution, generating a strong partnership with the municipality's population and the various communities served by it’s work.

The Anavilhanas staff is primarily made up of people who belong to the local communities. By raising the awareness of employees and residents of the surrounding communities about the importance of responsible management of tourism in the Amazon, we are able to engage more and more people, bringing concrete results such as increased schooling, conscientious use of the soil, reuse and recycling of materials, generation of complementary income and appreciation of local culture.

Energy & Waste

The Hotel has its own photovoltaic power plant generating 100% of the electricity used in the our operation. Our regional boats (used in the tours on the Rio Negro) have also solar energy system, providing a reduction in noise and burning fossil fuels. We always prioritize electrical appliances that have type A energy efficiency and certification for low energy consumption. Our water heating system is made by solar panels and stored in thermal boilers, avoiding the consumption of gas and reduction the need of electricity. The sewage from Anavilhanas is collected and treated in biological cesspools, with the sludge removed by certified companies and disposed of in sanitary landfills. There is an internal waste separation and differentiated destination process: organic waste for composting; paper, plastic and glass for recycling. Committed to reducing the generation of waste, packaging and plastic items, the hotel has been replacing and adapting supplies and facilities in its operation.

Conservation & Preservation

Lodge Guides and Staff are trained to never intervene in wildlife during the tours and explanations. The tours offered to Anavilhanas guests strictly respect the environmental rules of Conscious Tourism, generating minimal impact on the places visited and genuine experiences. The hotel has expanded the area of preserved native forest in the surroundings, initially from 45 to 220 hectares. Aiming to extend preservation into advanced spots, Anavilhanas has built a new structure on a 200-hectare area, 50km away from the Lodge.