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Our lodge is located in the municipality of Novo Airão, in a sanctuary with more than 1 million square meters of preserved forest, 180 km from Manaus. Overlooking the Rio Negro, the lodge is opposite the Anavilhanas National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the second largest river archipelago in the world and a true paradise in the Brazilian Amazon.

Our daily rates include a round-trip transfer from Manaus in vans, on a paved road, taking about 3 hours each way. There are two daily departures from Manaus to the lodge (8.30am and between 1pm and 2.30pm); and from Anavilhanas to Manaus (8am and 1.30pm).

For those wishing to observe the Anavilhanas Archipelago from a magical and less common point of view, the seaplane trip to the lodge is an unforgettable experience. It takes around 35 minutes and has to be paid for separately.


The climate here in our region is hot all year round, with an average temperature of around 25º C, so we suggest light clothing. The weather changes easily and during rains and storms the humidity and wind can increase, so it's worth having a raincoat or windbreaker jacket on hand. Hiking also requires pants and closed shoes (sneakers or boots).

And as we are at the base of the great Amazon basin, with its rivers, streams and lakes of gigantic dimensions, there is no shortage of invitations to take a dip, including in our swimming pools. Swimsuits are therefore essential.

Checklist to remember to pack:

Insect repellent (for the trails only, if you forget it, we'll give it to you)
Personal hygiene items and medicines for continuous/ frequent use
At least 1 pair of sneakers or closed shoes for hiking
At least 1 pair of comfortable pants for hiking
Raincoat or Windbreaker Jacket
Swimwear for use in the pool or on the river
Shorts/ Bermuda shorts
Light T-shirts
Comfortable sandals/slippers
Hat or cap
Binoculars and camera


Generally speaking, the temperature in the Amazon is usually warm, but it is common to see the weather change with a certain frequency. Between June and November, our summer, the thermometers usually mark 30 degrees and can reach 35.In the Amazonian winter, which occurs from December to June, the average is usually around 25 degrees.

interested in visiting our lodge should refer to Manaus Eduardo Gomes International Airport, which receives daily flights from all over Brazil and from important cities around the world.

‍In 2016, we opened our hotel in Manaus, the Villa Amazônia. Located just a few steps from the city's iconic Teatro Amazonas, it's a great option for those who want to get to know the capital of Amazonas - there are 30 apartments, a stone swimming pool and a delicious restaurant that values regional flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which region of the Amazon are you located?

We are a small jungle hotel immersed in the forest. 

We are on the banks of the Negro River, opposite the Anavilhanas National Park, a sanctuary with more than three and a half billion square meters of preserved forest. From Manaus it's about 200km by paved road to the hotel, which is located in the municipality of Novo Airão (but far from the city).

When is the best time to visit the Amazon?

Unlike other destinations, the Amazon can be visited all year round. The landscape changes with each season due to the variation in water levels - more than 11 meters throughout the year - but they are all special. In other words: it's always time to venture into the forest. 

Summer: June to November 

More frequent sunshine and sparser, shorter rains. Around September, the river reaches a low point and white sandy beaches appear throughout the archipelago. 


Expected temperature: average closer to 30º C, but with moments around 35º C  


Winter: December to June 

Temperatures are milder than in summer, due to the more frequent rains. From March onwards, with the river already fuller, the waters flood the lower parts, creating the incredible igapós, the flooded forest. 


Expected temperature: average closer to 25º C, ranging from 23º C to 30º C. 

Do you get a lot of mosquitoes?

Contrary to what many people imagine, there are very few mosquitoes in our region. This is because the water of the Rio Negro concentrates a large amount of decomposed organic substances, brought by the forest in the floods. The process makes its pH acidic, which makes it difficult for insects to proliferate.  

On the trails and forest walks, where puddles and bromeliads concentrate rainwater, some mosquitoes may appear. So, just to be on the safe side, remember to take mosquito repellent with you or ask our staff before you set off.  

Do I need to be vaccinated against yellow fever?

For travelers visiting the region, vaccination against yellow fever is recommended at least 10 days before arrival. The vaccine was originally valid for 10 years, but in 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that its immunity was valid for life. In other words, if you were vaccinated many years ago, you don't need to take another dose.

Is the region at risk of malaria?

Unlike Africa, the Rio Negro region, located in the Brazilian Amazon, is considered to be at low risk of malaria transmission. This is largely due to the geographical characteristics of the region, which include a large amount of naturally acidic, flowing water, making it difficult for mosquitoes to proliferate.

What are the specific attractions for children?

The Amazon in itself is the best attraction for children and we guarantee that the enchantment it brings is unforgettable. The opportunity to be together as a family, living experiences such as jungle trails, canoeing and night spotting, and learning the secrets of the forest side by side is unique. When we receive children, we set up special groups so that they can learn in their own time and at their own pace, as well as offering a super varied kids' menu during meals.

How many days' accommodation do you suggest?

Our most complete experience, which presents the most diverse charms of the Amazon, lasts five nights. 


Those with less time can opt for the four, three or two-night program (the minimum accommodation we offer).  


Whenever possible, we recommend extending your stay for longer experiences. Fun, relaxation and lots of new knowledge guaranteed! 

What is included in the daily rate?

Anavilhanas is no ordinary hotel, offering daily rates and individual services. Because of our location, we have developed experiences that add a variety of services, making planning easier and turning your stay in the Amazon into an unforgettable trip. Therefore, in addition to accommodation in one of the chosen rooms, our experience includes:  

*Transfer by road between Manaus and the lodge, with 2 regular departures per day, both on arrival and departure.

*All meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner à la carte and an afternoon snack, served during your stay. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are not included.

*A program of around 2 tours a day, including hiking, canoeing and other remarkable experiences that reveal the secrets of the Amazon.   

And what's not included?

Requests for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, aperitifs, massage services, handicrafts and items from our shop, medical support/medicines, extra transportation services, private tours, staff tips and special requests are not included. When requested, these items will be charged at the end of the stay. 

Are the tours private?

No. But don't worry, our tours are carried out in small groups, with great care and accompanied by experienced bilingual guides, who cater to each individual.

Can I change my schedule?

The program of tours is designed according to the stay of each traveler and thought out to the smallest detail so that you can discover the Amazon in comfort and authenticity, within the time you stay with us. 


If you really want to go on a tour that is not on your itinerary, please contact reception so that they can find the best solution. Our reservations team will be able to help you in advance if you have any interest before your arrival. 

Do you offer visits to indigenous tribes?

No. They are at least 4 hours away from the lodge, in areas restricted to visitors. If you would like to visit an indigenous cultural center, we recommend staying at Villa Amazônia, our sister hotel in Manaus. There, we can help you hire a guided tour to make this experience a reality. 

Does the lodge have internet?

Yes, our wi-fi is free and accessible in the social areas and in the rooms.

Can I do an overnight stay or day use?

We don't offer overnight or day use. We welcome travelers for a minimum of two nights and guarantee total exclusivity of our leisure areas for guests. 

Does the Hotel offer adjoined rooms for families?

The chalets are side by side and welcome families in two of them, while the bungalows and panoramic rooms are further apart. 


Those with small children can book two chalets or a panoramic chalet for up to 4 people. 

Does the transfer pass by the meeting of the waters?

The hotel is on the opposite side of the meeting of the waters and so we did not pass through there.

Is the transfer private?

Our Manaus - Anavilhanas - Manaus trips, which are included in the daily rate, are made in vans that hold up to 8 passengers. If you prefer a private transfer, please check availability with our reservations center.

How does a seaplane transfer work?

The seaplane trip is an unforgettable excursion that is not included in our rates. It is operated by a partner company, in amphibious Caravan aircraft with capacity for up to 8 passengers. The flight takes about 40 minutes, crossing a large part of the Anavilhanas archipelago and landing or taking off on the Rio Negro, in front of the hotel. For more information, please contact our reservations center.