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an authentic experience into the heart of the Amazon

about us

a small and exclusive Lodge, located in heart of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest

The experience

Anavilhanas offers a wide variety of activities and tours in each of its Experiences. According to the number of days at the Lodge, a schedule is designed with the essentials to experience the Amazon, with safety, comfort, and adventure.

experience something new

Discover the essentials of the forest

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Live an experience close to the local Community

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Explore the region on a Full Day Regional Boat Expedition

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Enjoy all we can offer with an amazing tour into the wild

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Enjoy nature

Whether in our pool overlooking the Anavilhanas Archipelago, in the Floating Bar at the Rio Negro, enjoy every part of the Brazilian Amazon with the care of our staff.


Experience comfort with authenticity

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Feel connected with the forest

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Privileged view of the forest with the best comfort

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Our Cuisine

All packages include breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Our Menu is composed of regional and international dishes, made with fresh ingredients purchased from local suppliers.

Brazil nut milfoils

Pirarucu fish Ceviche


Want an urban experience?

Discover the city of Manaus staying at Hotel Villa AmazĂ´nia